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SuperKids Preschool, Sparring, Forms, Weapons, Ground Defense, Pre-Test, and more


UMA Ham Lake prepares students for Tournament & Competitions

Excellent Staff

Our instructor is 7th Degree Master Instructor John Olson who has over 38 years of Martial Arts training and has dedicated his life to the Martial Arts and his students

We live in a time of video games, internet, cable TV, and fast food. Inactivity, high calorie diets, physical activity cut backs, and busy schedules are a growing part of our world’s culture. Martial Arts give children a positive way to burn calories, learn loyalty, honor and build self confidence as they socialize with quality friends in a safe setting — keeping them away from television

Our Mission

At Ultimate Martial Arts we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, practical and advanced martial arts instruction available. Our goal is to teach our students Martial Arts & Karate Self Defense techniques, along with Honor, Loyalty, Respect and Discipline – skills that will serve them a lifetime.

At UMA We ....


Ultimate Martial Arts

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