My kids all love it at UMA / Ham Lake and I love how wonderful and supportive Master Olson is. They encourage respect not only at karate, but in school, at home and in all areas of life for the children. I brought my sons here to learn self defense and confidence and am glad to say they teach so much more! My daughter just recently signed up as well and is enjoying going as much as we can fit in our schedule. I am excited to see how she will excel. I personally think if a child can get the foundation of karate, they can be good whatever sport they choose, which seems to be holding true for my boys. Thank you to the entire Olson family for the dedication, kindness, and patience you show to all of the students.”


My son has been going to UMA-Ham Lake for 6 years… He started in super kids with Lisa and then with Master Olson… We are very blessed to be a part of this Karate Family and very lucky to watch these kids grow and learn and respect… to watch the teachers teach…it has been amazing! and now my son will be a black belt in May… thank you!



“This is lengthy, but please take the time to read it.
There are so many great things to say about the facility, students and training at Ultimate Martial Arts – Ham Lake. My family and I have been taking classes at UMA Ham Lake for about 6 years (and we go as often as we can). The school has space for spectators to watch up close as well as a room for families with smaller children to watch in a more closed in area with a sliding glass window. There are two classrooms. One is for the main classes or larger classes and the second is for super-kids or smaller classes. The larger classroom offers a lot of space when classes reach above 20 students. You still have space to train without the feeling of running into another student. The second classroom is a little smaller and may also be used by students to stretch or practice their training (when it is not being utilized by other classes).
The students (and the families of the students) are great! The support given to other students as well as the families of those that train is amazing – much like an extended family. I have never met a better group of people/families. We all (adults and children) share in the excitement of those advancing to another belt level or when a student does well in a tournament. We all work with each other and help each other in our training inside and outside of the classroom. To watch children that are under the age of 13 show compassion and respect for others is extraordinary and impresses me. I am amazed at how they interact with newer students trying sparring for the first time. The respect the students (of all ages) give to others, the kindness they show others, and the help they offer to others, comes not only from their family values but I believe the training we all receive. 
Mrs. Lisa Olson is the main instructor for super-kids and occasionally subs in the main classroom. I have witnessed many super-kids students, taught by her, make it to the big classroom and continue on to become advanced students (some of those original super-kids are close to their black belt!). Her knowledge, great teaching skills, patients, and hard work shows as she prepares the younger students to get them ready for the big classroom.
Lastly, the high quality instruction my family (and all students) receive from Master Instructor John Olson is incomparable to other schools. He has each student’s best interest at heart and is aware of their limitations. He pushes each and every one of us to our maximum potential – making us the best we can possibly be. The passion and love he has for the martial arts shows in his teaching and is demonstrated not only through what he teaches us, but the concern he has for each and every student’s safety. 
This is the only place I would want to train. With his experience in the martial arts and the instruction he gives to all of us, I feel it has added to (and increased) the skills of my children (as well as my husband and myself) as they are getting ready to step out into the world with an awareness of their surroundings, the confidence to be leaders, and the ability to set goals to achieve their dreams.”


Truly generous in time and teaching students. I just started this adventure and Im glad I picked this dojo.
Bryan G


I would highly recommend UMA to anyone interested in learning martial arts and the discipline and focus that comes with it. From day one everyone was so welcoming and very helpful and kind. It truly has a family like environment. You can see how much Mr. & Mrs. Olson care about their students, their curriculum and the success of EVERY student no matter what belt level. They also stress the importance of “Might for Right” when it comes to learning self defenses. They are top notch! We’re very happy there.
Jolene H


We signed our 9-yr. old son up for Karate at the beginning of 3rd grade, and we have been amazed by the changes we have seen in him. He was a little overweight since he wasn’t very interested in athletics, and had fairly low self-confidence. After just two months of Karate, he had lost 5 pounds and his self-confidence was clearly improving. After only seven months our son was a different person – ten pounds lighter and more self-confident than we expected he could become in such a short amount of time. We were so excited and impressed with his progress that my husband and I decided to join Ultimate Martial Arts & Fitness, too. We love the camaraderie involved in going to class, but also enjoy the ability to advance at our own pace and skill level. Not only is Karate a great individual sport, but a valuable self-defense tool that we can take with us wherever we go. Our daughter can’t wait until we sign her up, too!
K. McKee


My family first stopped in to Ultimate Martial Arts looking for karate classes for my 2 boys. The school is like no other and my kids instantly fell in love with the instructors. Our family knew nothing about Martial Arts other than what we have seen in movies. The staff made us comfortable immediately; answering all our questions and making the kids feel special and connected. I truly believe nothing compares to the benefits our kids have received from training with Ultimate Martial Arts Academy. Now, my entire family in involved with Ultimate Martial Arts & Fitness. I attend the group fitness classes at Energy Pilates, my husband takes jiu-jitsu classes and my youngest daughter is taking dance lessons with Ms Kim at Revolution Dance. This is a truly remarkable facility with amazing instructors and staff, we feel so lucky to be involved here.
Becca T.
Mother of 3


Every instructor you have at Ultimate Martial Arts & Fitness in Woodbury is truly amazing!! Each one treats the kids with utmost respect and patience. Attending your classes has given our son greater focus and self confidence. With goals that are challenging yet attainable he has a real sense of accomplishment, pride and celebration when graduating to the next level. Thank you for all that you do!! In our sons own words “Ultimate Martial Arts & Fitness is boss”!


Phenomenal. Ultimate Martial Arts & Fitness in Woodbury is just phenomenal. Their team of dedicated instructors get to know each kid (they knew our kids’ names by the second week!) and inspire and motivate them. At the same time, they teach them discipline and confidence. All you have to do is come to a graduation to see it firsthand. It was the best “proud parent” moment to watch our kids (6- and 4 ½ -year-old) work so hard to perform the stances, punches and kicks AND with so much confidence in front of a ton of other parents and kids. Just phenomenal.